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The Two-Seat Spitfire Page was started in 2016 by Greg Davis. Greg has had a lifelong enthusiasm for aviation and especially the Spitfire. He ran an Aviation Society and like many of us grew up watching “The Battle of Britain” movie and making Airfix Spitfires.

This boyhood enthusiasm was reignited in 2011 when Greg attended a “Battle of Britain Day” Spitfire event. Getting up close to BM597 and meeting Ft Lt Charlie Brown was a great experience. In the coming years Greg flew “with” BM597 and then when the law changed in 2014, in order to enable the two seat Spitfires to take passengers, the seed of an idea formed.

In February 2016, Greg started The Two-Seat Spitfire Page and in March he took his first Spitfire flight in MJ627. Since then Greg has also flown in NH341, SM520, PV202 and MT818. He has been up close and personal with all of the UK based Spitfire T9s.

The Two-Seat Spitfire Page is now enjoyed by over 60,000 other Spitfire fans who share their flights, videos and photos.